Class Feedback

Presentation with Stu:

earthquakes – lightning, lights in sky – energy


space performs as a feeling of unstably

think about setting up the idea that audience is going into unstable space – flooring? expose audience to instability – low frequency sound played through loud speakers – surround sound? – create rumbling feeling, feeling of uncertainty, suspense
–> vibrations
(surrounds the entrance)

youtube – cinematic bass rumble pulses (soundeffectsfactory)

think about materials, COME UP WITH SPATIAL CONCEPT

  • look at repeating angles, jigsaw-y
  • think about having a cell structure which behaves as a container – walk across this, responses above and below.
  • be aware of chandelier
  • vibrations cause the chandelier to shake (but not brake)

think about the architecture – creating it through light and sound
we want your exhibit to take on different forms as time progresses.


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