Digital Fabrication Examples

Monumental Nets
Janet Echelman and Buro Happold Consulting Engineers
Sculpture that synthesizes traditional fabrication methods with digital form-finding to create monumental public sculptures.


Schiara Lantern
Greg Lynn/FORM and Kreysler & Associates
A large, volumetric lantern made of translucent fiberglass composite panels formed on CNC-milled molds.



Pratt GAUD Exhibition 2013 – Digital Fabrication

Pratt Institute’s Graduate Architecture & Urban Design exhibition of student work has been curated, designed, and fabricated by a group of students .The exhibition attempts to produce an installation that explores digital fabrication methods, while showcasing the previous year’s student work.

A cloud-like structure hangs over the students work. Each cell represents a project. The underside of this structure is clad with colour coded images of the students work. The bottom appears solid, but the structure above is very porous to allow for light to still penetrate into the gallery.

The hanging installation was made of over 250 unique cells. These were each custom laser cut, assembled, and clad with custom cut images. The structure is exceptional light, while still being very strong and taking up large volume.


John Brockway – Digital Fabrication

This installation is the winning entry to the NOVEL competition at Woodbury University, formed to promote faculty research through fabrication. Designers had  free access to the digital fabrication facilities, funds for materials, and three months in which to complete this project. The fabrication strategy is one of simplification and swap-ability, designed to make maximum use of the available fabrication tools. Compression members are lengths of off-the-shelf aluminum T section, while tensile wires are assembled and “tuned” through the use of cable and turnbuckles. Prismatic textile units are unfolded, nested, and laser cut from glossy card-stock. Each component is then folded and joined through rivet connections.